Community Transport

The Community Transport Scheme provides clients with an alternative solution to transport issues within the rural community and is open to anyone within Presteigne and surrounding areas.

The Scheme enables residents to maintain an independent lifestyle by helping them to access important health-related appointments,

unfortunately we are unable to provide transport for social journeys at present due to insufficient numbers of volunteer drivers.

We have an average of 200 clients every year that regularly access the Community Transport. Currently, we have around 10 drivers, who are able to help on a regular basis and a further 6 drivers, who are able to help us occasionally.


YOU could make a huge difference to the lives of OUR community – Just by helping during your spare time; even if you can only spare time to do one journey or only local journeys the help would be much appreciated.
Community Transport provides transport from your house to your appointment and a return, if needed. Our drivers will usually wait for you to finish you appointment (Usually up to 2 hours but has been known to wait 4+ hours).

If you would like to register for Community Transport you will be required to complete an application form,  and pay our £10 registration fee*.

Local (0-2 miles) £1.50
Local (2-5 miles) £2.50
All health related journeys 5 miles + 45p a mile


*Registration fee is valid for the remainder of the current financial year (April – March) – Members will be sent a reminder letter at the start of March regarding information on renewing their membership and any fare changes.

For more information you can read the ‘Community Car Leaflet’